The Christmas Ham

The Christmas Ham

By Dave Rosewood




When is the Christmas Ham getting here dad? I´m getting really hungry.


Soon son, don´t worry.


I´m not worried, but why do we have our Christmas ham delivered every year dad?


Well son, it´s a tradition, it´s fun to have traditions.


What´s so great about traditions?


Well son, they give you something to look forward to. Getting the
Christmas Ham delivered on Christmas Eve, opening your stocking Christmas morning.


I see, like a routine?


No son, not like a routine, a routine is like brushing your teeth.
A tradition is special and happens regularly, but not often.


Buy why can´t we just go to the store and buy a ham dad?
That could be a tradition too?


Yes son. But think, someone is DELIVERING our Christmas Ham, to our door, at this very moment.


DAD! The phone is ringing!


Hello, no, uh, no, no thank you. Have a merry Christmas.


Dad was that about the Christmas Ham?


No, no, it was about something else.


Dad where do you think mom is?


I´m not really sure son, but I´m sure wherever she is
she is having a great Christmas.


Even without us?


Well sometimes people are apart for the holidays.


But dad, she´s never been with us for Christmas.


Well, she was with us for the first Christmas…


Ok dad. Dad, why did grandpa have to die?


Well son, he lived a really full life, and he loved us very much,
and it was just his time to go.


Dad do you have to work tomorrow?


No son. I was able to get two days off so I´ll be home tomorrow
when you open your stocking.


Dad? Do you think other families get their Christmas ham delivered?


Oh I´m sure there are some, but it is quite the privilege
that someone brings our Christmas Ham right to our door
on Christmas Eve.


DAD! DAD! It´s the door!




Yes sir, I´m here to deliver the Christmas Eve meal but there
are only two left. The ham and the cranberry sauce.
There were a lot of deliveries to your neighborhood this year.


Oh yes, this is fine, just fine and dandy. Thank you very much.


You´re welcome sir, have a Merry Christmas.


And you as well…


Ah, our delivery man was so nice this year.




Yes son?


I really appreciate our Christmas Ham, but why does it come in a can?


Well son, you know that´s just tradition.


And the cranberry sauce?


It says it´s homemade, but it also comes in a can.


Well you know son, somebody had to pick the berries, and process them, and make the sauce, so in a sense it is homemade.




Yes son?


Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas son…